I am really happy with how this teapot turned out, so far. Shoppers and customers always ask me if I make teapots...and I do, but it has mainly been secretly until now. They have taken a lot of practice to get them to the point where I feel confident about them both functionally and aesthetically, and comfortable with the involved process of making them. I will continue to experiment with different forms of teapots and work them into the stock of my "trademark pieces".

It was a great Saturday at the Farmers Market! I am really impressed with the consistent turnout of shoppers and supporters that this market has held since it began in October, 2012. The "Spring Fling" will be held on May 18th, from 9AM-1PM, and all vendors will be outdoors on the Parkview Field baseball stadium concourse. Details may be found on this LINK. I am really looking forward to the Spring Fling because I will finally be back to utilizing a 10x10 space and not trying to artfully display my wares in an 8ft span.

I have a lot of ideas for revamping my booth set-up and I always get so excited/overwhelmed about the whole booth arrangement possibilities as the booth transforms into my own little "shop" that evolves more each show. Booth setup is a big part of my job, and I love it. I also let it stress me out a lot, too though. The night before shows I try to sketch out how I want to arrange the tables and signs and wares within the tent. When it comes time to set up in the morning, my patient husband shakes his head as I constantly and inevitably change my mind a few times WHILE we are setting up. It took a few years of setup practice for us to overcome the quiet arguing (huffs, sighs, glares, mutterings, etc.) during set up time because it can be so stressful. Set up time usually is only about an hour for the markets that I do. I change my setup a little each time to rotate the work, the color schemes, and keep it fresh, etc. More work and summer show schedule coming soon!

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