"The Pregnant Potter"

23 weeks

I am proud to be ONE of the few potters in this town. I love that we all have our own styles and identities, but sometimes people do get us and our work confused. I do not blame them, or take offense to this. We generally use earth-toned glazes and stoneware clay. Our work is both functional and decorative. I graduated from college with a local potter and friend, Kristy Jo Beber, and people think (from what they tell me) our work is similar. We DID study under the same professor, use the same glazes and firing techniques for at least 4 years of undergrad study. We also have similar tastes when it comes to pots, I can see remnants of similarities in our work. I am a lot of the same local shows as another potter friend, Sarah Thompson, and people always get us confused. I am always happy to suggest her work and pottery lessons to others. It is nice to be involved in a community that supports one another and promotes each others' work.I look forward to becoming more involved with other local potters in the future.

This summer, you can identify me as the "pregnant potter". My work will maintain the same fine hand-crafted quality and uniqueness as before, with minor tweaks and changes to the wares as they evolve and this belly continues to bloom.

Tomorrow is my first Barr Street Market date of the summer season. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. It will be my 6th summer in this setting and I love thinking about how my work has evolved over these years. I have some new elements to my set up and can't wait to put it all together. I will post photos after the event.

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