I have been getting into making mugs. What I love about making pottery in general is that everything that I make is one-of-a-kind. I don't try especially hard to make pieces the same exact size as each other in sets. I love making things that are "related". In my experience, many people end up buying a single mug out of a "set". They are adding to a collection or simply just want one. I used to wince when I knew I would have a single mug leftover, but now enjoy watching the journey as someone falls in love with that "one mug" leftover that they just have to have. The process of making mugs becomes personal as I pull handles and attach them, sit down and carve the designs while carefully handling the leather hard clay. I am constantly working to make the handles just right, aspiring to make them feel really good being held. My favorite part of it all is settling in and carving the designs, always a little different each time.

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