Short Story Long:

I haven't typed in forever. On an actual keyboard. This day and age, I tell ya! I miss my blog and am taking a step to begin writing here again. It is so much a part of the development of my work, my centering and focusing process. I have taken this summer to lay low on entering art fairs and instead working out a balance between my "at home" mom life and potter life. For some reason this feels wonderful and strange at the same time. It has been hard to not feel like I am not working hard enough on my pottery when I see what others are accomplishing. But, it has also given me time to gather inspiration and begin a new body of work that feels like "me" to me; with enthusiasm. I have room in my brain now to acknowledge that I am accomplishing something and doing good work in both aspects of my life (mom/potter). I am feeling momentum gathering. The next step is to rekindle my yoga practice that was once so integral to my being. My body is a mess. My back is so sad. It is like metal that has been bent back and forth and is weak and about to break. I am not sure when I last took a deep breath. So, here I go.

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