I threw away some old pottery of mine today. It is a weird feeling to do that. But, it wasn't really that great, and it was not serving any purpose. I am ready to let go of so many things. I am feeling the shift between summer and autumn, such a bittersweet time for me. I have been looking forward to this shift. I am ready to wrap myself up and surround myself with cozy things. I am going to miss the lull of the cicadas. I am ready for the beautiful leaves, each so unique. I am going to miss the green and lush scenery. I am ready for fall hikes.

I am so thankful for having a such a great show at "Art At The Riverside" in Leo, IN yesterday. It was what I needed to propel me into a fresh batch of work. I needed to see my artists friends, to bust my butt to set up my tent and wares, to meet new customers and returning ones. I am reassured that my work has a place, that I am doing the right thing with the tiny bits of spare time that I have. It is really hard to maintain momentum when I work in scraps of time; stopping and starting, connecting and disconnecting. I am envious of the time that others put into their work, but am so thankful for the time that I am spending raising my children.  I am sensing a shift in my work as well. I have been hanging in there and getting myself into the studio, but sometimes it feels like how it feels to drag yourself to the gym. I am inspired now and looking out at the world through my own eyes, not through the eyes of others; I am beginning to focus. I am bringing to the surface what I want to share with everyone. I want my work to be loved and used and shared.

Two years ago today I had major surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst and my ovary. I do not take anything for granted and am saying a special thank you that I am still here, healthy and happy and living a beautiful little life.

Also, I feel in love. With these two. I think I am supposed to be friends with them. Where has this sound been hiding from me? I needed this.


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