I've made all 96 (plus more) of the bowls for my big order! Now it's just one long and slow bisque firing after another and glaze firing after glaze firing. All of my bisque firings after the initial firing have been a success! Tomorrow I will do my first glaze firing of the bowls, taking one step closer to completing this project. I am just trying to enjoy this ride (now). The past month has been so physically and mentally demanding in the studio. I was wedging and throwing 9lb bowl after 9lb bowl. It carried itself out of the studio. My body was exhausted and my brain was stressed and anxious. But, here I am and I am proud of my accomplishment of throwing, trimming and carving all of the bowls. I have been able to stay on my production schedule so far. Other orders and projects that are also going on have been very delayed, but that is just how it had to be. One step at a time. That is all I can do.

I have been missing the freedom to work on my "own" work. I am feeling really connected to my throwing now that I have had an intense time with it. I think I needed that. I feel capable. I have learned a lot more about my clay, paid more attention to it. I love my clay. This process has helped me find a little more direction in what I want for my pottery life. I am not a production potter. I will do production projects, but I am much happier working on individual pieces and in small quantities. I am learning to value my work more. It is a part of me. So, what do I want? I want to continue being the "at home" mother that I am. I want to continue working in my studio when I have time. I'd love more time and will take it when it comes along. More online sales, less shows.

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